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Access to Instrument: We have two mechanisms for the users to access the instrument at the BMSF. (I) The users submit the samples to the BMSF and the BMSF will run the samples for them; (II) The users operate the instrument and analyze their samples after appropriate training. After the training with the BMSF, our users are capable of operating the instrument and processing the data knowing that the Facility Director is available for consultation if needed. Trained user can view the calendar and request time through the Facility Director.

The instrument is generally scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Areas of focus: Detection and quantitation of small molecules, such as metabolites, drugs and environmental contaminants; Biomarkers of exposure and diseases, such as DNA or protein adducts; HPLC purification; Peptides and oligos, etc.

Available Services: Full service sample analyses as well as training for independent operation; Consultation for proposal submission and/or project feasibility; Method development; Data interpretation and generation of experimental sections and figures for publications, etc.